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Simon Hearne

Web Performance Consultant

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Simon is a Web Performance Solutions Engineer at Akamai in Surrey, UK. He has a passion for all things fast and works with some of the UK’s largest websites to help improve their users’ online experiences.

Simon’s role at Akamai is to support customers with a range of Digital Performance Management solutions, including mPulse and CloudTest. He lends his extensive experience in the web performance industry to help customers prioritise performance and implement the best solutions for managing and improving their site speed and reliability.

Simon presents about interesting web performance topics at a number of events, why not have a look at some of his talks.

About Web Performance

Web performance is the art of creating seamless online user experiences.

Consumers expect websites and apps to respond instantly; delays of only 100ms can cause increases in frustration and reduce the likelihood of positive business outcomes. With a market shift towards smartphone browsing performance is more important than ever. However, in such a competitive world feature velocity is critical. Balancing the management of performance with feature velocity is critical to maximise the potential of your online presence.