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Simon Hearne

Web Performance Consultant

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I enjoy speaking at UX, front-end and web performance conferences. Get in touch if you think Iโ€™d be a good fit for your event! Iโ€™m currently presenting the following talks (a ๐Ÿ”— icon will take you to an interactive presentation):

  • Web Performance Workshop [๐Ÿ”—] A half- or full-day web performance workshop, covering everything from HTTP/3 to image optimisation.
  • Third-party content, the weak link in your chain? [๐Ÿ”—] Third-party tags are critical to most businesses, but what risk do they pose to availability and user experience? A study into determining and mitigating third-party risk as well as calculating third-party return on investment.
  • A deep dive into third-party content
    Letโ€™s get deep into HTTP Archive & Akamai mPulse resource timing data to uncover interesting phenomena with third-party providers, determine the impact of third-party providers on user experience then investigate methods to protect the user experience and report on third-party issues.
  • The Psychology of Speed [๐Ÿ”—] What makes a fast experience a good one? Studying billions of data points to determine the key performance measures which correlate with positive user behavior.
  • The Importance of Speed - Five Surprising Techniques To Improve Online Engagement [๐Ÿ”—] Speed is a critical factor in user engagement. In this talk Simon defines site speed, how to measure it and explores its impact on user engagement. Insight taken across hundreds of sites leads to five key techniques to maximize user engagement.
  • The Future of Web Performance [๐Ÿ”—] What will the web performance world look like in a decade? A look into the future of internet protocols, embedded devices, APIs and JavaScript.
  • Building the Business Case for Performance
    We know that making user experiences faster is good for business, but itโ€™s a tough change to quantify. An analysis of sales techniques, case studies and quick wins to make performance a business priority.
  • What the browser tells us, and what it doesnโ€™t
    A deep-dive into the browser APIs which give us feedback on user experience, what is missing (and why) and how to determine the key data to collect and analyse.

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