Simon Hearne

Web Performance Consultant

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I offer consultancy services to global clients, if you have a digital presence then I’m sure I can help you make it faster!

My approach is dynamic, focussed and high-quality. I don’t believe in the ‘thud factor’ of filling a report or presentation with unnecessary content — I want to help my clients succeed by delivering actionable, impactful advice which is backed up with data.

My background is varied: with aspects of data science, data visualisation, engineering, consultancy and of course web performance. My clients appreciate my honesty, approachability and attention to detail.

I offer both tactical and strategic consultancy — from a quick presentation on how to improve Cumulative Layout Shift scores through to CDN vendor selection and multi-year partnerships.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you feel I can add value to your business. Choose whichever method suits you best (ordered by my preference):

Example Projects

I don’t have many pre-packaged offerings, I find it better for both sides if we work together to determine the best approach for your requirements. Instead, here are some of the projects I have completed with clients recently:

Performance Audit

The ‘classic’ — a deep-dive into performance of a whole site. This engagement results in a report and multiple presentations of the results to different stakeholders.

The performance audit covers all aspects of web performance:

  • Competitive evaluation
  • Back-end infrastructure
  • CDN configuration
  • HTML structure
  • JavaScript optimisation
  • Image optimisation
  • CSS structure
  • Third-party integrations & tags
  • Existing monitoring and analysis tooling

The output is a set of benchmarks, a detailed report, actionable recommendations, presentations of the results and a post-implementation evalutation.

Third-party Audit

Third-party content can quickly become a bottleneck on an otherwise fast application. I recently worked with a global high-fashion retailer to review their third-party integrations and produce a report of recommended actions. This led to a reduction in tag count by 30% and a measurable improvement in page load time.

Short-form Video Provider Selection

This is a good example of something slightly different from my regular web performance consultancy. I discovered that a third-party video provider was causing significant delays when conducting an audit for a large European ecommerce client. I offered to support the client with a vendor selection process. This involved creating a shortlist of four potential vendors, establishing a trial with each and implementing an existing short-form video using each platform. A detailed report was produced, including the ease of use of each provider, the expected annual cost and the performance impact of each.

Performance Retainer

I have a small number of clients on a retainer-style contract. This means that I am a virtual member of their team: joining regular calls, working together on projects and integrating into their development processes.

Having me as part of your team gives you direct access to ask questions, review tickets and inform strategic decisions about design, integrations and priorities.

Edge-compute Suitability Review

A large ecommerce client was interested in the possibilities of edge compute to separate some server-side logic into a CDN-provided compute platform. This project was to build a prototype solution on the edge and integrate with a lower environment of their web stack. The data provided during the PoC showed improved user experience, reduced TTFB and a simplified development model by decoupling logic and simplifying deployment.